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Ok, first: this is such an awesome community. Woah....

I'm hoping to get a series of short stories published; my agent wants me to find an angle to push them with and we've settled on something I really want: a collage of men-in-makeup. Why don't I just trawl the net and save a bunch of pics? Because I absolutely need permission from the person in the photograph before I can use their picture. The images will be used throughout my site and in presentations - maybe even on the book jacket - so it's very important to stay above the privacy, copyright/theft laws.

I'm going for a fuzzy, fun-night-in theme; so quality isn't so important. Images roughtly 250x250 pixels.

If any of the incredibly hot guys on here would like to donate a picture [or even a few pictures], could you please email me at and we'll discuss terms etc.

thank you so much,

Men in makeup do it better.

Carrie Morgan


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